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NESCAFÉ Arabiana, Nestle, UAE.  

In 2013, Nestle launched a local innovation: the first instant Arabic Coffee, NESCAFÉ Arabiana.   Competitors took notice of its success and started launching “me-too” products. We had to act fast to grow our market share while increasing awareness. Ramadan is the perfect time for the brand, with high consumption of Arabic coffee. NESCAFÉ Arabiana needed to carve out a space for itself and stay true to the quirky tone the brand set in 2014.

The Big Idea was Meet the family. We’re loud and proud.

We launched a family of funny animated cups to remind our audience of the humorous side of (Khaleeji) family life, and that a good cup of Arabic coffee always brings the family together. We brought the cups to life through online short films, social quizzes and content, mall activations and TV.  The videos reached 15 million views on YouTube and 3.2 million people on Facebook, while increases were realized on awareness, usage and sales during the key time of the year.

Nescafe Arabiana - Meet the Family

Western Union, UAE.  For a large portion of UAE’s expat population there is a common goal – making a better life for their family by sacrificing their own needs and desires.   In essence, “making someone’s life better” reflects Western Union’s core values “moving money for a better” (life).

Western Union has been present in the UAE for over 15 years and has achieved high awareness among all customer segments. However, for the launch of their new services, our challenge was to establish emotional connection and engagement. 

A series of touching stories came to light after meeting with the target group that their biggest wishes weren’t for themselves, but for others. Consumers actively nominated people they knew who would really benefit from having their wishes fulfilled. Six lucky winners were granted their wish of USD2500 each, truly bringing to life the brand’s values.

Per Google WUwish video went viral as it achieved 26% of views organically!

Consumer engagement went beyond likes, comments and shares – they responded to Western Union’s appeal to nominate the next person for fullfiling their wish with 1,080 nominations. 

Google Brand Uplift Study reported that WU wish campaign results exceeded the “best in class” (Google benchmark of similar type of campaigns).


Fulfilling Wishes with Western Union

KITKAT, Celebrate the Breakers Break, NESTLE, UAE. 

Our goal was to make KIT KAT the #1 iconic chocolate brand globally, both in business and fame.  In the GCC, Arab youth want to fit in due to social and cultural norms, yet are yearning for individual expression.  Since no two individuals are the same, why should their breaks be?  We are all breakers in our own way.

We had to infuse the concept of a ‘breaker’ into culture through the very people who create culture for today’s Arab youth – Celebrities, Media, Influencers and Friends. The campaign and its success was about people.

We created stunts with top celebrities, released unbranded videos and then launched the campaign manifesto.  It was praised as “the first ad… correctly portraying Saudi culture”.  Breakers were woven into pop culture on Dancing with the Stars, Sa7i, Tumblr and even by Scarlet Johansson and Blake Lively. 

KIT KAT achieved its highest ever-recorded and category-leading market share.

CtBB became a global campaign and will continue in 2016, with positive effects everywhere it launched.  From its conception in Dubai, CtBB is truly driving KIT KAT to be the #1 Iconic brand globally.


KITKAT Celebrate the breakers break

Vodafone IN, Cairo, Egypt “Egyptian youth are the largest demographic and Vodafone saw the opportunity to launch the first traffic exclusively for youth. IN, whose identity remained unrevealed, recruited five popular underground bands to tease followers (via their own and mysterious ‘IN’ Facebook pages) requesting help to reach 1 million fans to enable them to reveal.  In doing so, IN built an online community actively taking part in the launch and engaging, bringing to life the proposition ‘without you it’s incomplete’.  Within 14 days, IN reached 1 million fans paving the way for a massive reveal of a song which was the brand anthem.”

Vodafone IN

Given that the Jaguar F-PACE is an all-new SUV entrant in the MENA region, we wanted to launch it in a way that truly resonated with the core Arab audience.

The SUV market in MENA is cluttered to the point that Arab males don’t always take notice of new nameplates – on top of this, Jaguar had relatively low consideration scores and is a brand that many Arabs describe as “not for the region”.

To prove that Jaguar was worthy of competing with its German counterparts, we had to make a statement. And we needed to think big.

F-PACE’s positioning is ‘Performance Elevated’, and what could be more elevated than the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, icon of progress and pride for the Arab nation?

EMAAR (Middle East’s leading real estate company owning the Burj Khalifa) had never permitted a commercial brand on the Burj Khalifa, but after months of pitching the idea, Jaguar finally got the go ahead to create the biggest advertising LED Show on the Burj Khalifa. The concept #JaguarWorldFirst was born.

The Burj Khalifa activation has elevated the JAGUAR BRAND to new levels in the region

We had a phenomenal 164 million impressions of the #JaguarWorldFirst hashtag and 108 million impressions on all social content.

The Jaguar F-PACE YouTube Masthead reached 70 million impressions; the highest ever increase in traffic in MENA on a YouTube Masthead in a single day (2nd May), by far outperforming regional benchmark of 44 million impressions.

We had over 6.2 million video views with 4.13 million interactions (likes, comment, shares) on social platforms – and +838% unique users on the Jaguar MENA website vs. the previous month.

Overall, the campaign has successfully tapped into the local consumers’ sense of pride and brought the Jaguar brand and the F-PACE closer to their hearts.




Al Ain Water, launched a unique black and white visual with a new positioning which was information heavy.  The campaign highlighted the functional composition of the water (Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride) which positioned the brand as a “balanced water”. These ingredients were connected with emotional benefits (Family, Freedom, Achievement, Trust, Respect) emphasizing the importance, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As we could not go beyond, Radio, Print and Digital in the initial stage, due to budget constraints, our “stand out” creative was brought to life through media with an Augmented Reality (AR) experience creating a “3 in 1” channel feel, a first in the UAE.   The idea offered a pure sensory experience combining the property of both, audio and visual media.

The print visual  had instructions to download the AR app and scan the ad. Each print creative was activated for AR, prior to being published. As soon as the user scanned the ad with a smartphone, the screen played an animation of the print ad along with the radio commercial, a seamless combination of the essential functional elements of Al Ain water and the emotional aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle.

We achieved around 1000 scans. The learnings from the campaign were robust enough for us to know how to use technology effectively in the future for improved results, for example; effectiveness of page positioning. 

Al Ain Water’s print campaign enlivened through Augmented Reality:
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